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Our Pre K 3-4-5 classes are very structured pre school classes. These students will be taught the Included Ovation Learning Center Arts Based Preschool Curriculum Picasso Prodigy. All PreK 4 and PreK 5 student studies will be enriched with numerous life and skill set training. We will fully prepare them for their Kindergarten experience. They will be taught simple math, extensive phonics, science, history, religion and art. Homework will be introduced this is designed to give you a glimpse into your child’s progress. Your child will enjoy any activity in which they can include in their learning. These are very exciting years for your child. They will be taught a vast range of information and will enjoy themselves while they learn.

After School and Summer Cam

These classes are for those students who have moved on to "Big" School". We pick them up from school. They have a snack and do their homework, assisted by a teacher. During the summer, our summer camp opens. School Age kids focus on art projects and structured lessons. Field trips are started to spice up the camp. Fun for all ages.

   Extra Classes 

Art Classes are included in your curricullum. This includes studying classic and comtemporary art. In the summer, the kids 3 and up will have Acting and Music classes included in their curricullum and tuition.


We also have 

Dance In Fall Semesters 

Tumble buggy In Fall And Spring Semesters 

Martial Arts in Fall Semesters 


And Other Lessons you may sign your child up for at any time for an additional fee. 

District Accepted


Military Discounts

Police Discounts

Nurse Discounts

Sibling Discounts

Neighborhood Discounts 


We cannot wait to meet you!  

We find many ways to enrich our student's experience with us. Dance, Acting, Movement, Art, Sign Language, exposure to different languages.. The sky is the limit.  

Picasso Prodigy Program

Preschool and Childcare Gulfport 


Toddling Artists and Scholar Scientists...there is a place for everyone at OLC. 

Infants - With a Professor of child development as our owner,  room is structured around the most modern research and developmental strategies. Our infants are introduced to activities from the Harvard Child Development Center and the most up to date strategies for infant development. 


From 12 months to 2 years old we focus on the basic skills: socialization, alphabet, color, movement, sharing, independence and structured activities. We will fill their day with stories, music, free play and toddler based education. We respect this important age group and utilize every minute with them for development. Your child will learn to integrate into a group, or find their own individuality while sharing with others. This is a very crucial age and to keep up with our modern education, pre-school ideally should start at three years of age.



Our older Twos begin the process of potty training. At this time, we ask that the parents meet with the director and teacher to review our policies. This age group will have their own classroom to make this lesson easier. In this class we begin to introduce a more structured environment. The students are expected to sit down and participate in planned activities. The benefit is they will achieve interactional skills with the guidance of their teacher. We softly prepare them for the three year old curriculum that will be steps beyond the structure in their classroom. The parents’ in this room will receive daily potty training reports. Potty training is a team effort we look forward to working with you.



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