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Ovation's Flexible Hours Plan 


Ovation's Flexible Hour Plan is the first of its kind on the Coast. We will make open spots available to our community. 

You will need to register with the Flexible Hours Plan through Ovation. Just hit the, join the Flexible Plan button. 

When you need care whether it be drop in, last minute, for a week, or just a couple of days. You will call us and let us know of your needs. We will customize a plan for you and your child. 

Call for more information 


  • Full Benefits of a State Licensed Center 

  • Request your time needed by text

  • Flexible Hours to meet your needs

  • No Fees to Join 

  • Request a spot by Text 

  • Last minute needs 

  • Great for students 

  • Drop in Rates 

Only Pay for what you need 

No commitment 

We will cover you if we have the spot! 

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